One gang member holds up bags of marijuana. He is one of the many members that terrorise the city - forcing families to flee

SHOCKING images offer a glimpse inside the terrifying Honduran gangs feared to be infiltrating migrant caravans – and the misery they cause.

Donald Trump controversially insisted the US-bound groups are filled with the merciless mobsters, and sent nearly 6,000 troops to the border to keep them from entering.

But one former cop told how he had no other choice but to join one of the caravans and flee after his sons were held at gunpoint by the brutal killers.

Known only as Ivan, he said he had moved homes so many times to escape the violence in his home of San Pedro Sula, Honduras – but it was impossible to get away.

And when his young sons Yostin, 15 and Julio, 13, were threatened with death if the didn’t join a local gang, he decided enough was enough and fled to America.

The terrified family joined the vast group of people travelling from the violence-ridden city after hiding out at friend’s houses.

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