President Trump refused to back down and continued to spar with Chief Justice Roberts on Thanksgiving morning.

In a rare rebuke, Chief Justice John Roberts criticized President Trump over his remarks about the Obama-appointed judge Jon Tiger reversing his asylum policy.

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On Tuesday, President Trump lashed out at the liberal activist ‘Obama judge’ in San Francisco who put his asylum policy on hold.

Chief Justice Roberts, who was nominated by George W. Bush and voted in favor to uphold Obamacare, lashed out at Trump on Wednesday saying the U.S. doesn’t have “Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges.”

In contrast, the Chief never attacked Barack Obama after he rebuked the Supreme Court during a State of the Union speech in 2010.

The President lashed out at Chief Justice Roberts on Wednesday and continued to spar with him on Thanksgiving morning in a pair of tweets.

TRUMP: Justice Roberts can say what he wants, but the 9th Circuit is a complete & total disaster. It is out of control, has a horrible reputation, is overturned more than any Circuit in the Country, 79%, & is used to get an almost guaranteed result. Judges must not Legislate Security…