By Nicholas Fondacaro

On Friday, the Trump administration issue a congressionally mandated report about climate change that claimed it looked 100 years into the future and was designed to scare people. The liberal media were apoplectic that the administration dismissed the findings as they tried to spread the panic. New York Times reporter Helene Cooper, during her Sunday appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, was particularly adamant that everyone in America needed to be running around in hysterics over the report.

I actually think we should be hysterical,” Cooper demanded in defiance of American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka who was the lone rational voice on the panel pleading for calm.

I think anybody that has children or anybody who can imagine having children and grandchildren. How could you look at them and think this is the kind of world that through our own inaction and our inability to do something that we’re going to leave them,” Cooper freaked out directing her ire at Pletka.

Cooper was irate that the Trump administration had released the report on Black Friday and not a more convenient time with fewer distractions:

I’m really glad you’re actually having us talk about this on this show because I think it was the height of cynicism to release this report on Black Friday by the Trump administration. And I just think that at some point we are going to need not just the political leadership but also the corporate leadership to actually sit down and do something about this.

One would think the optics of a “black Friday” climate distress call would be the kind of hysterics Cooper would love.



Being the lone voice of rationality on the panel, Pletka had to remind the liberals that President Trump actually spoke for a large segment of the population. She also called out them out for ignoring how we’ve also experienced some of the coldest temperatures in recent years.

“We don’t talk about that because it’s not part of the agenda,” Pletka shot back at them. She also burst their liberal elitist bubble by dropping the fact that even though America had pulled out of the Paris climate accord we’re still the only country meeting or exceeding the goal:

The United States has been dropping in CO2 emissions since we pull out of Paris. There are actually good things are happening. We are not using dirty coal anymore it’s the Europeans who are using dirty coal. There actually is corporate leadership on this. Yes, we need to deal with the problems. Yes, we need to mitigate the things we see, but we shouldn’t be hysterical.

In addition to Cooper demanding for hysterics, the panel included presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin who decried the “absolute lack of leadership on the corporate level, on the national level, even on the state levels of what we have to do.” Basically calling for climate indoctrination, Goodwin huffed at the end of the discussion that “this is why education of the citizenry is essential.”

And proving why she no longer works as a Republican aide, Elise Jordan suggested that the reason the GOP didn’t want to move on climate change was that they were in the pocket of corporate America. “I think it goes back to deeply entrenched corporate interest within in the Republican Party. And this is a very defined policy platform that you can see how Republicans have been history influenced by their donors on this plank,” she asserted.

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