Australia to introduce 33 new genders to passports

Australia is preparing to introduce at least 33 different gender options on birth certificates and passports, as part of a new anti-discrimination policy.

The Australian Labor Party have drafted the initial proposal, which includes options such as; omnigender, neutrios and demigender.

Omnigender means unisex. Neutrios is a non-binary gender identity which is often associated with a “neutral” or “null” gender. Demigender is an umbrella term for non-binary gender identities that have a partial connection to a certain gender. reports: The proposal argues that transgender and intersex people would be able to enjoy ‘equal human rights without discrimination’ with the additional gender options.

The party will also look at promoting options beyond ‘binary male and female’.

‘Labor will ensure people obtain identification options that match their sex characteristics and/or gender identities, as preferred,’ the draft read.

Previously, Bill Shorten rejected the idea of supporting the removal of gender from birth certificates, indicating that Labor ‘had no plans to change’ birth certificates.

Tasmania is on the verge of abolishing gender from birth certificates so transgender people don’t have to ‘out themselves’.

Last week, the Tasmanian Labor and Greens successfully passed a law in the lower house which include parents having to ‘opt in’ to have a baby’s sex recorded on birth certificates.

An ALP spokeswoman reiterated Mr Shorten’s previous comments that he still had no plans to change the gender laws.

Health Minister Greg Hunt called on the Opposition leader to detail their plan which would significantly increase the minimum 12 labels used to a maximum of 33 labels.

‘We (the Morrison government) have a clear commitment to our existing gender identity laws,’ he told Sky News.

‘They want to adopt a standard which has a minimum of 12 different forms of identity which people can adopt or nominate,’ Mr Hunt said.