CNN & Mass Shootings: Its Big "White" Lie is Fake News


P.J. Gladnick

Although CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin claimed on Thursday that it was the first day that he thought that President Donald Trump might not finish his term, his colleague at the network, Chris Cillizza, confessed on the same day that Trump is right about no collusion. So game over much to poor Toobin’s disappointment, right? Well, not quite.

Even though Cillizza admitted that there is no actual proof of collusion, his caveat is there a lot of smoke. Therefore let the pointless investigations that will probably find only more proofless smoke continue:

NO COLLUSION, Donald Trump will tell you — or, really, anyone — if you ask about the ongoing special counsel investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and the possibility that members of the Trump orbit colluded with the Russians to help him win.

And Trump is right! There is no definitive proof that he colluded with the Russians to throw the election his way. There’s no smoking gun.

So besides Toobin, could you also clue your boss Jeffrey Zucker as well as many of your CNN colleagues from Wolf Blitzer to John King in about this? Well, the one thing that might save Cillizza from a pink slip is his smokey hypothesis. Smoke. No proof but lots of smoke (click “expand”):

Uh-oh! It doesn’t look good for Trump according to Cillizza except that he contradicts himself just a few paragraphs later:

Now, even in light of Cohen’s plea deal Thursday, Trump wasn’t outright lying in any of those quotes. He didn’t have active business dealings with Russia when he spoke in July 2016. But man, he is cutting it very, very close. If he’s not outright lying, then he’s not telling anything close to the full truth either.

So basically Cillizza is just blowing smoke at us.

Exit question: How long before Cillizza, in the face of liberal protests, is forced to recant on his admission that there is no definitive proof of Trump-Russia collusion?