Border agents find body of dead 6 year old who was raped by 30 men

The body of a 6-year-old girl at the US-Mexico border had been raped by at least 30 men, according to military physicians. 

The discovery was made after a group of mothers decided to travel to the southern border to discover just how widespread a problem human trafficking really is. What they found was truly despicable. reports: Moms For America President Kimberly Fletcher and Aisha Owmby, the founder of Black Women Walk, organized the trip, which they hope will help others understand why they believe a wall along the U.S.-Mexico wall is needed to protect American families.

Fletcher told TheBlaze during an interview Monday evening that one of the most compelling reasons for supporting a border wall is for the children.

“Kids won’t have to worry about the spray of bullets” from the drug cartel on the Mexico side of the border that sits directly across from an elementary school, Fletcher explained.

It wasn’t Fletcher’s first trip to the border, but she said things had worsened since her last visit in 2007.

She said that human trafficking at the border is big business and that the men who transport women regularly rape the women who make it across the river.

A few months ago, border security agents found a 6-year-old girl who had been left for dead along a pipeline.

The girl was flown to a military hospital where physicians found DNA from 30 men inside her young body.

“She had been raped by 30 men!” Fletcher said, adding that this little girl’s life is worth building a wall to keep violent men from coming into the country.

What did local moms say?

Local moms told the Moms Caravan that things have changed significantly over the last 20 years because of the drug cartel and human trafficking.

Many parents won’t allow their children to play outside for fear of being kidnapped, Fletcher told TheBlaze, adding that they also sleep with guns under their pillows.

The residents said they often wake in the middle of the night to illegal immigrants banging on their doors and wanting to come inside their homes.

Watch Alma’s story, recorded during the Moms Caravan visit:

What do others say about border safety?

Angry Tias and Abuelas, an organization that helps asylum-seekers, don’t believe immigrants are a threat to the community — citing a Cato Institute study that showed immigrants commit fewer crimes than American citizens.

“The asylum-seekers want to come here to make a better life for themselves and their kids. Through the work of the Angry Tias and Abuelas, we have been able to get to know some of these people one-on-one. We spent time with them. We spent time with them talking at the bus stations,” Nayelly Narrios of Angry Tias and Abuelas told WLOS-TV.

What did the educators say?

The educators from the elementary school in Hidalgo, Texas, asked for the nation’s support.

They explained to the group of moms that the children are often on lockdown in the school because of gunfire just across the border.

Illegal immigrants are sometimes found sleeping on top of the elementary school and border agents must be called to remove them.

The Moms Caravan even witnessed a couple from El Salvador trying to embed themselves with the group.

A local official immediately contacted border security about the couple. Agents arrived quickly and arrested the couple who had crossed into the U.S. illegally.

What else?

Chicago mom Stephanie Trussell was shocked to see how easy it is for people to cross from Mexico to the U.S.

“To see this wall I mean we heard about it and talked about it and the Rio Grande and I can’t believe it — that is what is separating — that is not securing our border at all,” Trussell said.

She hopes that voters will be moved by what the Moms Caravan discovered during their border visit and take that information with them to the polls.

“Hopefully, on Tuesday, the American people will vote to send people back to D.C. to help him [President Donald Trump] get this agenda passed and get this wall built everywhere around and then we would love to help whoever,” Trussell added.