Portland based video journalist and Quillette writer Andy Ngo (who happens to be gay and Asian) made the trip north to Seattle to cover a pro Constitution rally put on by III%’ers and other conservative groups, as well as the counter protest staged by the usual red flag toting communists of Antifa.

As Ngo attempted to make his way into the communist group to capture the scene, several people confronted him and prevented him from going in, including at least three people armed with AR15’s and an AK47.

At first the Seattle police were encouraging Antifa to let Ngo in, as it is unlawful to prevent the travel of someone on the sidewalk.

A short time later, like the “police” departments in places such as Portland and Berkeley, Seattle “officers” started targeting Ngo, threatening to arrest him for standing on the sidewalk. This was while Ngo was being victimized by several different Antifa members harassing and shoving him, even pinning him up against one of the police barriers.

The officers of the Seattle “police” department were saying that Ngo’s presence was “inciting conflict” and ordered Ngo to leave the public area.