During Thursday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle, host Laura Ingraham highlighted the White House’s announcement of a “bold plan to change the lives in America of some of our poorest citizens, those who live in the most distressed and sometimes the most dangerous neighborhoods,” describing the announcement as “a scene you likely did not see on one of your local or national newscasts” because they did not bother to cover it.

After slamming the few reporters present at the President’s signing of an executive order to help underprivileged areas, who decided to ignore the substance of the executive order and instead shout out questions about Michael Cohen, Ingraham pointed out that “unlike most White House events starring Trump, it was not broadcast on cable or on C-SPAN or any of the networks.” Ingraham then gave her theory as to why the executive order did not receive media coverage: “it smashes the press’s relentless drumbeat about how the President just doesn’t like black people.”



After arguing that BET Founder Bob Johnson “obviously begged to disagree with that montage,” Ingraham played a clip of Johnson speaking at the unveiling of the executive order Wednesday, thanking the President and the Department of Labor for signing an “historic document” establishing “auto portability.” Johnson explained the benefits of the establishment of auto portability: “Auto portability is designed to reduce retirement leakage among low income 401(k) account holders who tend to cash out. And Mr. President, you should know this, 60 percent of African-American and Hispanic Americans cash out of their 401(k) account. This program will put close to $800 billion back in the retirement pockets of minority Americans.” After the video concluded, Ingraham remarked that Johnson’s speech received “no coverage,” adding “I had to play that just because no one saw it.”



As Ingraham pointed out, Van Jones, CNN Political Commentator and former Obama administration employee, was present at the signing of the executive order. In perhaps the clearest case of bias by omission, Jones appeared on Cuomo Prime Time Thursday, where host Chris Cuomo did not even bother to ask him about his visit to the White House, which surely seems like a newsworthy topic. Instead, Jones appeared as a sparring partner with Trump supporter Amy Kremer as they argued about the media’s favorite topics: Michael Cohen and the Mueller probe.

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