Two fishermen rescued by cruise ship after being stranded at sea for three weeks

It was a Christmas miracle.

A cruise ship rescued two Costa Rican fishermen on Friday after they had been stranded at sea for more than three weeks after some bad weather.

Royal Caribbean Chief Meteorologist James Van Fleet wrote on Twitter that the men went adrift on Dec. 1, 2018, after falling sleeping as they let their nets soak. When they awoke, they realized heavy wind had blown them away from where their gear had been.

The fisherman ran out of gas while trying to get back and only had food and water to last them for seven days, Fleet said.

The Empress of the Seas cruise ship that saved them hadn’t originally planned to be in the area. However, a storm caused the ship to take a different route.

“We would NOT have been in that area at that time had we not switched to go Ocho Rios, Jamaica,” Fleet wrote. “And you can’t help but think there was a greater plan in all of this.”

The men were found between Grand Cayman and Jamaica. They received medical attention on board and were later taken to a hospital.

Fleet said the rescue was nothing short of a miracle.

“20 days at sea should tell you everything about the odds of them being found alive,” he wrote on Twitter. “I am bursting with pride of my coworkers of Empress of the Seas.”