Robert Mueller

WASHINGTON (CIRCA) — The hearing of conservative commentator Jerome Corsi’s lawsuit against Robert Mueller took place in federal court Thursday.

Mueller and the other defendants requested that the hearing be postponed because of the partial government shutdown, according to various reports. The government shutdown has reportedly stopped attorneys for the DOJ from working.

Corsi is an associate of Roger Stone, an ally of President Donald Trump. He’s also a conservative investigative journalist and author, known for writing two New York Times best-selling books. His critics often call him a “conspiracy theorist.”

Corsi filed a lawsuit against Mueller, along with the DOJ, FBI, NSA and CIA, in December. Corsi claims that they conducted “illegal and unconstitutional surveillance” on him. The lawsuit also claims that Mueller’s investigation has “misrepresented (Corsi’s) investigative research” on Hillary Clinton’s emails and “spun the fake narrative that (Corsi) ‘colluded’ with Russian intelligence and other services.”

Corsi planned to be in attendance at the hearing.