China is hitting back against a new travel advisory issued by the State Department.

At a press conference Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Lu Kang said the country welcomes all foreigners, but that they are expected to follow the rule of law.

This was apparently in reference to the State Department’s updated travel warning, which claims U.S. citizens may be blocked from leaving the country by so-called exit bans.

U.S. officials warn visitors under the ban can be detained for years, without access to the embassy and without any information about the crime they allegedly committed.

However China is denying these claims, saying Beijing is in compliance with international law.

“I would like to point out here that the competent Chinese authorities have always handled cases impartially, that involve the tiny minority of foreign nationals who were suspected of crime in China, according to law,” said Kang “The U.S. side’s issuance of this travel advisory frankly does not hold water.”

The U.S. updated its “level two” travel advisory Thursday, after news broke of China having detained more than a dozen Canadian nationals since the beginning of December.