Tom Heneghan just put out the bombshell nformation he was told by one of the heads of the military tribunals.  This guy is a General and part of the Michigan flag officers.  Let’s all pray justice is done and real patriots in the military will do their jobs to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!

The Bushes, Obamas and Clintons are under some sort of semi house arrest.   Their travel and appearances are being limited and carefully controlled by the secret service.   Their ability to communicate to other members of the satanic deep state has been cut according to this General who has provided good intel to Tom in the past.  The General mentioned that Michael Obama aka Michelle Obama was not handling this situation well at all!  Very upset!  The General confirmed to Tom that Michelle is really a man just as Joan Rivers said before they killed her.  Youtube keeps taking down the video but here it is while it lasts!

Tom also reports former Senator John Warner has received full documentation on the Bush Clinton collusion dealing with Iran Contra drug dealing, money laundering and weapons sales and being tied to William Barr! William Barr is Trump’s terrible choice of a new attorney general! MSNBC Rachel Maddow reported the disgusting truth on this Bush stooge William Barr last night! Maddow said Barr was a co-conspirator in the Iran Contra scandal under former President H.W. Bush! Trump is being blackmailed to pick this stooge by Lindsey Graham!

Lots more covered! Please get the word out to Trump to NOT pick William Barr! He’s dirty and all tied up to Iran Contra! Lindsey Graham wants him in there so he doesn’t go to prison for what he’s done! Kavanaugh was a terrible pick and this has already been proven just as Tom stated before it happened. Kavanaugh has already gone against Trump regarding planned parenthood killing babies! Trump can’t waste his next pick and he can’t pick another Jeff Sessions deep state coverup guy!

Benjamin Fulford latest update mentions military tribunals also.