Michael Cohen arrives home to his apartment in New York City. The longtime Trump lawyer appeared to have his arm in a sling and had a pillow on top of his arm

By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.s. Political Editor For Dailymail.com

Longtime Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen returned to his Manhattan apartment Friday after getting medical treatment – with his arm appearing to be in a sling on a day President Trump and his team once again branded him a liar.

Cohen advisor Lanny Davis said Cohen had gone into the hospital for pre-scheduled shoulder surgery.

Cohen could be seen with his left arm covered, hanging in a sling. He was holding a full-size white pillow against his body. His right hand had a small bandage of the kind used to cover a small wound by an IV.

He also wore a red identification bracelet of the kind distributed by hospitals.

Cohen got medical attention on a day when the longtime former fixer was once again a top topic on the news – this time following a bombshell report claiming the president directed him to lie in his testimony to Congress about a Trump Organization tower deal in Moscow that continued through the summer of 2016.

The report, if true, would constitute subornation of perjury – a felony crime. Obstruction of justice was the first order of impeachment against President Richard Nixon.

But Trump blasted his former lawyer and fixer Cohen on Friday as a liar who was ‘trying to reduce his jail time’ when he reportedly told Special Counsel Robert Mueller that a scheme to build a Trump Tower project in Moscow extended through the 2016 Republican National Convention and into the months before Trump became president-elect.

He covered his apparent injury with a pillow. Cohen also appeared to be wearing a hospital bracelet and had a small bandage on his right hand