A student at Covington Catholic High School sent a letter Saturday to a local TV station that serves that part of Kentucky, Cincinnati-based WKRC-TV, begging the station to report the truth of an incident Friday in Washington, D.C., involving a Native American man and students from Covington Catholic.

The incident took place at the Lincoln Memorial as the students waited for buses to pick them up after participating in the annual March for Life that day. News reports claimed the students harassed a Native American man named Nathan Phillips–a Vietnam veteran–who was trying to perform a religious ceremony. The students and the school have been viciously attacked online with many threats being made to attack the school children.

As happens too often these days, the media got it wrong. Numerous videos show the students being approached by Phillips and a group of fellow Native American activists who were at the Lincoln Memorial for an Indigenous Peoples Rally that had ended earlier. Videos also show the students being harassed by a group of African-Americans who hurled racist and anti-gay insults at the students.

Three screen captures set the scene. The students are gathered by themselves at the Lincoln Memorial.

In front of them, at a short distance, is a group of African-American preachers.

The last screen image shows Nathan Phillips and his fellow activists approaching the students from the north side of the Lincoln Memorial steps on the other side of the preachers.

A later screen image shows how close Phillips was to the student as he wielded a metal drum stick in the student’s face.


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The student’s letter in two parts: