Not even fake news is going to prevent the new Democrat House majority from conducting their dozens of investigations into President Trump to settle the score over his upset White House win and to avenge Hillary.

In normal times, a spectacular dumpster fire like the debunked BuzzFeed scoop that Trump’s disreputable ex-lawyer Michael Cohen was ordered to lie to Congress would be so shameful that any respectable politician would distance themselves from it after it was fact-checked and found lacking by special counsel Robert Mueller himself.

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Unfortunately, we do not currently live in normal times as the relentless Democrats, their media allies and the social media hate mob that serves as their shock troops will stop at nothing to get Trump, even using a discredited story like the one that just imploded.

Rep. Adam Schiff (whose district includes Hollywood) confirmed that there is no level to which the California crazies won’t stoop in their war on Trump.

Via The Hill, “Schiff: Congress will ‘absolutely’ investigate claims raised in BuzzFeed report”:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said Sunday that he will “absolutely” investigate a BuzzFeed News report that said President Trump directed his former personal attorney to lie to Congress, despite the special counsel’s office pushing back on the story.

Schiff suggested on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the special counsel’s office’s rare response knocking down the story was likely spurred by the reaction to the report, which included calls for investigation and consideration of impeachment.

“Congress has a fundamental interest in two things,” Schiff said. “First, in getting to the bottom of why a witness who came before us lied, and who else was knowledgeable that this was a lie.”

The other reason, Schiff said, is that Trump’s pick for attorney general, William Barr, would not commit to making special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report public.

“We need to do our own investigations because at the end of the day if the Justice Department tries to stonewall the release of that report for whatever reason, the American people are going to need to know what happened,” Schiff said.

Schiff’s call to burn through an untold amount of taxpayer money by conducting Soviet-style tribunals into a bogus story shows that these Democrats are not your father’s Democrats or even the party of a few short years ago. There is something very menacing and unAmerican about this gang and their single-minded obsession with overturning a legitimate election.

The Dems have invested a lot of political capital into the rehabilitation of Cohen’s image as a man who they once reviled was welcomed into the fold once he made it clear that he would lie to the special counsel – and to Congress again – if that’s what it took to save his own hide.

Cohen’s appearance before the House next month will be Schiff’s star turn in hearings that will be held in a public setting and given saturation coverage by a media that like the Dems, has been clamoring for Trump’s impeachment ever since the night that they cried themselves to sleep over Hillary’s defeat.

It will be a spectacle unrivaled in American history; social media didn’t exist when Senator Joseph McCarthy became infamous for his Cold War witch hunt and Shiff will prove that he is the true heir of tail gunner Joe.