On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did her best Jeb Bush impression by telling her audience when they should clap for her.

“That’s an applause line! I’ll let you know,” she said after thanking a few people in the building before beginning her speech.

While talking about “strong border security initiatives,” she prompted an applause from the audience; “Do you want to— let’s hear it for border security!” she said as the audience began awkwardly clapping.

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A little bit later in the speech, she told the audience to cheer because Democrats have control of the House.

“The American people elected a House majority that would— that’s an applause line! Not for everybody maybe,” she exclaimed.

Watch the full video below:

The far-left Democrat also slurred her words as she usually does. She even messed up the acronym for one of the biggest movements that her party support!

“And we will strengthen our democracy by passing the Equality Act, that is an act to end discrimination against LG— LGTB community,” she said, bumbling through the words.

“There are two challenges, uh, well, actually three that I want to just close with and that is are— these are the f— these wh— here they are!” she bizarrely added.

VOTE NOW: Should Nancy Pelosi Be Removed From Office?

In closing, she tried to rile her audience up by butchering the English language on a scale we’ve never seen before:

“We must embrace innovation, inclusion, we just have to establish your motto that you have put forth here today. We’re coming back to it here…You know it…Infrastructure, inno-vution, inclusion”, he mumbled.

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