BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – A 21-year old man accused of shooting dead his mother and father, and three other people, including a teenager, is being hunted in Louisiana.

Dakota Theriot is alleged to have carried out his shooting spree in Ascension and Livingston parishes, near the Lousiana capital Baton Rouge.

“This is probably one of the worst domestic violence incidents I’ve seen in quite a while,” Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre said Saturday.

Theriot lived with his parents, Elizabeth and Keith Theriot, both aged fifty, but was recently told to leave home. He returned on Saturday, and according to his parents shot them both. Police confirmed this as they arrived at the home in Gonzalez in the Ascension Parish.

He has been formally charged with two counts of first degree murder, illegal use of weapons and home invasion.

Theriot is the main suspect in the shooting deaths of 3 other people in Loivingstone Parish, 30 miles northeast of his parents’ home.

The bodies of Billy Ernest, 43, Summer Ernest, 20, and Tanner Ernest, 17 were discovered on Saturday morning, said the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office. The family was known to Theriot.