In a stinging commentary that truly drives home the failures of a politicized FBI, the brother of one of the teens who was massacred at a Florida high school blasted the misplaced priorities of the dysfunctional federal law enforcement agency.

Hunter Pollack whose sister Meadow was among the victims of the lunatic Nikolas Cruz who ran amok at Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. last Valentine’s day despite multiple tips to the FBI, ripped the full-scale paramilitary raid that was dialed up by special counsel Robert Mueller on Roger Stone’s home on Friday morning.

CAST YOUR VOTE: Do You Still Trust President Trump?

The 20-year-old slammed the feds by pointing out that had they acted in a similar manner against the psychotic mass murderer based on the information that they were sitting on, that his sister would still be alive today.

Pollack took to Twitter to deliver the message that stings like the direct hit of an ice-cold snowball of truth to the face.

Despite multiple serious warnings on Cruz, the FBI couldn’t muster up the gumption to do their jobs which is a damning statement of how the bureau’s war on President Trump has contributed to a debased organization that runs the risk of being turned into an American Gestapo by Mueller and his ilk.

CAST YOUR VOTE: Do You Still Trust President Trump?

President Trump called them out only days afterward for being distracted and failing to prevent the slaughter.

Via the WSJ “FBI Tip-Line Caller Said Nikolas Cruz ‘Is Going to Explode’:

A person close to the teenager accused of killing 17 people at a Florida high school warned the FBI she was concerned he would “get into a school and just shoot the place up,” according to a transcript of her call with a bureau tip line operator more than a month before the massacre.

The transcript, obtained by The Wall Street Journal, provides chilling detail about the woman’s efforts on Jan. 5 to warn authorities about Nikolas Cruz’s propensity for violence and his troubled past.

“You know, it’s just so much,” she said on the call. “I know he’s—he’s going to explode.” She said she was making the call because she wanted a “clear conscience if he takes off and, and just starts shooting places up.”

The FBI last week acknowledged receiving such a call. But the transcript, and the stark nature of the caller’s precise warnings about Mr. Cruz’s disturbing actions and volatile temperament, previously hasn’t been made public.

The caller began by saying Mr. Cruz had the mental capacity of a 12- or 14-year-old. She said he had started posting messages on his Instagram account that he wanted to kill himself and she’d alerted police to that threat, but wasn’t sure what happened in that investigation.

More recently, Mr. Cruz “switched it to he wants to kill people,” the unidentified woman told the operator in a somewhat rambling conversation.

“Something is gonna happen,” she said. “Because he’s, he doesn’t have the mental capacity. He can’t, he’s so outraged if someone talks to him about certain things.”

The caller described disturbing behavior by Mr. Cruz, including a propensity for cutting up frogs and, at least on one occasion, a bird.

“He brought the bird into the house,” she recounted. “He threw it on his mother’s kitchen counter and he started cutting it up. He has all kinds of hunting knives. I don’t know what knife he used, though. And he started cutting the bird up, and his mother…said, ‘What’re you doing?’ And he says, ‘I want to see what’s inside.’”

Then the caller said, “That to me would be a red flag.”

A red flag? Ya think?

The ultimate irony of Pollack’s statement?

The ghouls at CNN exploited both the Parkland shooting with their ridiculous phony town hall where David Hogg and Cameron Kasky were allowed to hector politicians like Marco Rubio and yesterday, after likely getting tipped off of Stone’s arrest, they milked that for maximum ratings as well.

America deserves better.