Attorney Robert Barnes warned celebrities, journalists and even members of Congress that if they don’t retract their libelous statements about the Covington teens, they will be served with a lawsuit.

Barnes used the hashtag #48HoursUntilJustice as he sent out warnings to the hateful leftists smearing the Catholic teens with outright lies over a selectively edited video posted to Twitter last weekend.

On Saturday morning, Robert Barnes posted a tweet to let the lefties know time is up. Barnes posted a meme which is a play on ‘Game of Thrones,’ that said “Lawsuits are Coming.”

Saturday night, Mr. Barnes appeared on Fox News’ Watters World and told host Jesse Watters that both Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and washed up ‘comedian’ Kathy Griffin retracted their statements about the Catholic teens after he threatened to sue them for libel.

Kathy Griffin called the Covington teens “f*ckers” and told her Twitter followers to doxx, shame and harass the children.

Newly-elected Muslima Congresswoman Ilhan Omar libeled the Covington teens several days after the full video surfaced exonerating the students.

Omar smeared the Covington teens with lies and her tweet was retweeted thousands of times by hate-filled leftists.

The Congresswoman defended the black supremacists who harassed the teens with racial and homophobic slurs.


Omar also falsely stated the Covington boys yelled “it’s not rape if you enjoy it.”

These are all outright lies. Ilhan Omar should be censured at minimum for her irresponsible tweet.

Jesse Waters was shocked that Kathy Griffin retracted. “Oh you got Kathy Griffin to retract?! That’s a big retraction. She often times does not retract,” Watters said.

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Thanks to Robert Barnes, both hate-filled women deleted their tweets about the Covington teens.