‘Whether we like the law or not, we took an oath to uphold that law…’

NC Sheriff: Illegal Immigrants "Raping Our Citizens" 1

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) Across the nation, sheriff’s departments serving primarily liberal constituencies are terminating their affiliation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, forcing agents to go out into dangerous territory to arrest illegal aliens.

Not so in Alamance County, N.C.

According to an article from the Burlington Times-News, the sheriff’s department is not only keeping the partnership intact, they asked the county’s Board of Commissioners to let them house illegal immigrants in the county jail, deepening Alamance County’s relationship with ICE.

Sheriff Terry Johnson told the board that illegal immigrants are raping Americans—both figuratively and literally.

“The people that we’re trying to hold here are criminal illegal immigrants [who are] actually raping our citizens in many, many ways,” he said. “The jails are full all over this nation of immigrants—criminal immigrants—not just the ones that came across the border, but the people that are coming here for a reason to victimize our children, our citizens with drugs, murders, rapes, robberies, you name it.”

In his remarks, Johnson made a pointed reference to sheriff’s departments—among them, those in North Carolina’s urban centers like Charlotte, Raleigh and Durham—who have shrugged their shoulders about enforcing federal law.

He said whether the sheriff’s agree with immigration policy or not, they have an obligation to maintain law and order rather than simply brushing it off as a political matter.

“It is their problem,” Johnson said. “They swore to uphold the law. Whether we like the law or not, we took an oath to uphold that law.”

Sheriff Johnson requested that commissioners give his department enough money to hire detention officers and a lieutenant and to provide them with uniforms, as well as pay for computers, transport, and clothes and toiletries for inmates.

The sheriff’s argument must have convinced commissioners.

Last Tuesday, the board gave him $2.8 million to go forward with the new contract with ICE.

The vote was 5-0.