During Wednesday’s edition of Erin Burnett OutFront, the eponymous host and her panel reacted to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’s declaration that God “wanted Donald Trump to become President” during an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network. Burnett seemed to think that God playing a role in the electoral politics of the United States posed a direct threat to democracy.

Burnett seemed shocked by Sanders’s statement, arguing that “it’s a big thing to say that God…whatever God may be, he, she, it…wanted Donald Trump to become President.” Burnett asked Scott Jennings, former advisor to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “does that make you blanch at all or are you okay with that?” Jennings responded, “I find it quite likely that supporters of any politician who wins believe that it was God’s plan for that politician to win. So, no, I’m not surprised to hear someone saying that.”

Burnett proceeded to scoff at the idea that God would have anything to do with electoral politics in the United States: “I thought we live in a democracy, right? The will of the people and now you’re saying it’s the will of God. I don’t know, there’s something about it that seems quite jarring to me, frankly.” Jennings stressed that he believed in the will of the people while proclaiming that “I happen to believe in the will of God and that his will will be done on this Earth whether we like it or not.” Burnett still seemed to have a hard time wrapping her head around that idea, asking Jennings, “And you think that God cares who’s President of the United States?”



Jennings never got a chance to answer that question, as the conversation quickly turned to another part of Sanders’s interview with CBN, where she talked about how she told her daughter that a woman “can do anything she wants to do.” After playing clips of comments made by Trump on the Howard Stern show as well as the Access Hollywood tape, Burnett asked Jennings “can you defend that person and set a model that a woman can do anything she wants to do?”

While Jennings made it clear that he did not approve of the President’s past behavior, he argued that it “doesn’t mean that women aren’t going to support the President. It doesn’t mean that he’s not going to appoint…strong smart women to his administration and it doesn’t mean they cannot ably serve this government even though he’s had some bad moments in his past.”



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