A Trump supporter poses for a picture with a 'Caution Deplorables Crossing!' sign while waiting in line to hear President Donald Trump speak at a rally in Freedom Hall at the Kentucky Exposition Center March 20, 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Source: Andrew Klavan

Leftists are masters of projection. They are constantly accusing the right of the crimes they commit themselves.

Leftists think of everything in terms of race, yet they call conservatives racist.

Leftist feminists judge women by whether they meet male measures of success, yet they call conservatives sexist.

Leftists want the government to be able to control every thought, word, action, and dollar in the country, yet they call conservatives fascist.

They think they are looking at conservatives when they are really looking in the mirror. For those of us whose mordant cynicism finds humor in the twisted corruption of the human heart, it’s sort of funny. Sort of.

One of the wilder and nastier charges the left has been hurling around during the Donald Trump years has been this: anyone who supports Donald Trump is as bad as Donald Trump — or as bad, that is, as the left makes Donald Trump out to be.

“People will say that they support [Trump] for reasons other than his racist language,” said CNN commentator Kirsten Powers. “They’ll say, well, I’m not racist, I just voted for him because I didn’t like Hillary Clinton. I just want to say that doesn’t make you not racist. It actually makes you racist. If you support somebody who does racist things, that makes you racist. I just want to establish that.”

Commentator Michaela Angela Davis said much the same: “I think it’s important we don’t make Trump seem this untouchable thing… that no one gets to be Trump but Trump. Tens of millions of people voted for him after he showed his cards for years.” Asked if that meant all those people were racist, Davis said, “Absolutely yes. Yes.”

Now there’s some moral sense to this. If I thought Trump truly was a racist — that is if I thought he was someone who believed that one race is morally inferior to another — and if I thought that philosophy guided his policies, I would indeed share in some of the responsibility for allowing that evil.

But since Trump’s policies have helped create an economy that has improved the lives of black Americans with lower unemployment and higher incomes, and as none of his policies seem directed at doing any particular race harm, I have to wonder: is the left’s accusation of generalized guilt another example of projection?

What responsibility, for instance, do leftists have for the new law in New York State that permits abortion up until birth and allows children who survive abortions to be left to die? What part of the guilt do they share for the barbaric comments of infanticidal Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who said leaving an infant to die should be a decision made by doctors and mothers — which means such children should not be protected by the law?

Is it the fault of all Democrat voters when the party harbors socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who push a policy that has destroyed every single economy it has ever touched, and which is inherently antithetical to the American founding principle of liberty for all? Is it the fault of all Democrat voters when the party brings anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib into Congress?

I meet self-described liberals all the time who tell me they do not agree with the left’s excesses. They say they reject the notion that men and women are the same, or that people should be forced by the state to violate their religious principles in order to bolster the agenda of sexual radicals, or that speech should be policed and censored online in order to ensure conformity with leftist principles.

But if you don’t believe in these things — in infanticide, in socialism, in the suppression of religious freedom and freedom of speech — and yet you vote for the party that increasingly supports them all, don’t you bear some responsibility for these evils?

I mean to ask: given the true agenda of the left, who are the deplorables now?