There will be howls of outrage from the Democrats now that President Trump has called out Nancy Pelosi for her refusal to budge on the wall by saying that she should be “ashamed” of herself for the damage that she’s doing to the country.

The 78-year-old Speaker Of The House has been drunk on her perceived power ever since she regained the gavel and wasted no time showing that she has zero interest in governing or doing what’s best for the American people.

Not only did Pelosi radiate a “let them eat cake” indifference toward furloughed federal workers during the shutdown but continues to abuse the public trust by using her leadership position to engage in petty score-settling with the president.

Following her latest statement to the press that she would not sign off on even a penny for the border wall that will keep drugs and criminals out and protect Americans, the POTUS returned fire on Friday when he ripped nasty Nancy during a Friday presser.


After speaking for roughly 10 minutes about current border wall funding negotiations — during which he appeared to notably pivot to finishing walls already under construction — the commander-in-chief was asked by a reporter about a recent comment made by Nancy Pelosi about a “new arms race with Russia.”

Trump paused for a moment before exasperating “Honestly, I don’t think she has a clue. I really don’t. I don’t think Nancy has a clue.”

He then pivoted back to Pelosi’s position on border wall funding as an example of his perceived cluelessness.

“I see that when she says walls are immoral. She doesn’t have — she doesn’t know. I wish she did. Because she is hurting this country so badly,” he said, adding “It’s all rhetorical. Not delivered well. But it’s all rhetorical. She is hurting our country very, very badly. Even with statements like that.”

Trump also alluded to the idea that Pelosi may be a hypocrite who if not for her spite, would be “begging” for a wall.

The battle rages on and while Pelosi did relent by allowing Trump to give the State Of The Union address this upcoming week you can count on her and Dems doing whatever they can to turn it into a crap fest with their sideshows like dressing in white and inviting sore loser extremist Stacey Abrams to give the rebuttal.

There is about ZERO chance that Nancy will budge on the wall so it will be up to the president to circumvent that botox-embalmed leech on the backs of taxpayers by declaring a national emergency and building it anyway.

Pelosi is incapable of shame, that much is no longer disputable.