President Donald Trump gave a wonderful State of the Union address on Tuesday night and people on both sides of the political spectrum couldn’t help but applaud.

One of the Democrats seen clapping after Trump mentioned success of the country was Arizona’s new Democrat Senator, Kyrsten Sinema.

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She was one of the very few Democrats who applauded at that moment when Trump mentioned all the success our country is having.

As she stood there clapping for Trump and America, another Democrat stood up to her right, looked a bit to her left toward Sinema, and appears to say “watch your a**.”

As she mouthed off under her breath to Sinema, the Arizona Democrat appears to give a very quick nod to acknowledge the warning.

The brief exchange was caught on video and uploaded by Praying Medic on Twitter.

Watch the video below and pay attention to the woman on Sinema’s right (the viewers left).

Crazy to think that applauding the president could result in a lawmaker being scolded and told to watch out.

Two parts of this 9-second video are disturbing.

1. Why aren’t more Democrats standing in applause for the successful parts of Trump’s administration? Every president has hits and misses as it’s simply human nature, and possibly subjective. However, if the country succeeds at something, then Democrats should acknowledge it instead of acting immature and not supportive of America.

2. Why does someone have to possibly warn Sinema to “watch your ass?” What is there to watch herself from? Will Democrats turn on her for supporting the country?

That sounds a bit drastic to say the least. Trump called for unison among Congress and the country, but we have a Democrat warning another Democrat to watch their back. From what?

There were several times where Democrats appeared to have a negative reaction to Trump’s words during SOTU.

One of them was when Trump announced that we’re going through much lower numbers of unemployment among minorities and people of color.

A second time that showed Democrats appear to be in disagreement with the president is when he spoke about how horrible late-term abortion is. Trump wants to end it, but Democrats appeared to be against that.

They didn’t have to say anything, but their actions and body language gave us the impression that they will fully support late-term abortion, which essentially takes the life away from a child who has no way to defend themselves.

Will we get an update from Sinema on this?

Will we soon see her being attacked by fellow Democrats?

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