Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) announced her 2020 presidential bid on Sunday outside in the middle of a Minnesota blizzard.

The Senator from Minnesota is the latest Democrat to throw her hat in the ring for 2020.

Klobuchar gave a speech outside in Minneapolis on Sunday in freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall promising to immediately address climate change if elected President of the United States.

“In the first 100 days of my administration, I will reinstate the clean power rules and the gas mileage standards and put forth sweeping legislation to invest in green jobs and infrastructure,” Klobuchar said as snow coated her hair. “And on day one, we will rejoin the international climate agreement!”

By the end of the speech, where Klobuchar promised she would fight global warming, she looked like a snowwoman.


President Trump wasted no time and immediately mocked Senator Klobucahr for giving a global warming speech in the middle of a wicked blizzard.

TRUMP: Well, it happened again. Amy Klobuchar announced that she is running for President, talking proudly of fighting global warming while standing in a virtual blizzard of snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Bad timing. By the end of her speech she looked like a Snowman(woman)!

Liberal logic, where record freezing cold temperatures and heavy blizzards are proof the globe is actually warming.

The 2020 presidential election is going to be wild