In yet another example of YouTube controlling public information, guidelines now feature an inclusion that prohibits anyone from claiming victims of ‘hate crimes’ may not be telling the truth.


After Jussie Smollett claimed he was a victim of a racial hate crime, which the mainstream media, celebrities and a host of democrats immediately claimed was the result of President Trump emboldening racists, YouTube is taking actions against anyone who questions such claims.

Americans now know that Smollett was a big fat liar.

He paid for the two black men to attack him (police have the check), he may have written a letter to himself faking another hate crime, and his story is so full of holes he’s is sunk.

However, YouTube apparently wants to make sure that no other mentally deranged liberal gets caught faking their next hate crime.

The new guidelines specifically prohibit users from posting content that questions anyone’s account.

“Content claiming that specific victims of public violent incidents or their next of kin are actors, or that their experiences are false,” notes a bullet point on YouTube’s page explaining the company’s policies on ‘harassment and cyberbullying.’

“The language is an example of the kind of content the platform does not permit, according to Google.”

“Google, YouTube’s parent company, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that YouTube launched an update Tuesday to the company’s Community Guidelines strike system that gave users a warning of a violation before getting a strike.

“The previous system gave users who violated such guidelines a three-strike count without a warning before having the platforms removed.”

Of course, Google hasn’t explained how the policy will be administered in situations where the outcomes are in doubt, like Smollett’s case.

He claimed that two men assaulted him and yelled, “This is [Make America Great Again] country,” at him.

Immediately, many people questioned the claim that included a number of statements that made no sense.

“Law official sources reported the case could be headed to a grand jury sometime this week. Law enforcement is determining if Smollett paid two Nigerian brothers to help him stage the attack.”

However, the extended use of the policy could help protect a number of lies.

“The new guideline might also address instances when people use YouTube’s platform to post videos expressing doubt about the nature of a public shooting.

“A recent example of that happened when media provocateur Alex Jones concocted conspiracy theories about the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut. Jones aired an episode on his podcast claiming CNN used several green screens to cover the shooting’s aftermath.”

Now that the highly liberal Southern Poverty Law Center is helping the company police unacceptable content on the platform, the move against questioning clear propaganda makes perfect sense.

Liberals can’t have people actually asking for the truth… that would destroy their fledgling hold on American society.