U.S. President Donald Trump pauses while speaking after signing an executive order entitled 'National Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End Suicide' in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.

Source: James Barrett

Rush Limbaugh started his show Tuesday in medias res, launching right into the ongoing national discussion about the question that Democrats in particular are obsessing over night and day: Will Trump be re-elected in 2020? The answer in most Democrats’ minds, Limbaugh insisted, is yes. And some of the big stories of the week are yet more evidence of that fact, he suggested.

“No, no,” said Rush to kick off his three-hour radio program Tuesday. “I think it means the Democrats expect Trump to be reelected. And look, after that CPAC speech Saturday, everybody knows he’s gonna be reelected. A couple more of those, and it’s over.”

How do we know that everybody, particularly Democrats, already knows Trump’s going to be president for four more years? Because “Democrats are telling us they think that he’s gonna be reelected. That’s what [Jerry] Nadler’s doing. This witch hunt.”

After teasing his big topic of the day, Limbaugh provided some of the key evidence for his claim. Citing a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll published Monday that shows Trump’s approval at 46%, Limbaugh exclaimed: “They’re dying on the left!”

“They’re dying! They have focused everything they’ve got on running Trump’s numbers down, as you’ve now heard me say I don’t know how many millions of times, to the twenties and thirties,” he said. “That has been the objective all along. That’s been the objective of the Mueller probe; it’s been the objective of all this attention is to separate Trump from his supporters and finally create that wedge. It’s failed.”

It hasn’t just failed, his poll numbers are actually trending up, and the Democrats and their allies in the media are “beside themselves.” As evidence, Rush cued up a clip from Chuck Todd’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday featuring NBC News/Wall Street Journal pollster Bill McInturff answering the question: “Does that mean that the Michael Cohen hearing, while a significant one as it was, does it mean, A, that the country has made up their mind, or, B, that the partisans have made up their mind? What does it all mean?”

MCINTURFF: I hate to say this, since you do a weekly show, but one of the main things you learn as a pollster is, please, our country sort of comes to a steady state, and it’s very hard to change. And the longer term trend is, the country sort of said they’ve sort of decided what they think about Russia, and until there’s a heck of a lot more facts, this country is nowhere near where it needs to be to think you could impeach a president.

“Did you hear that?” Limbaugh exclaimed. “This country’s nowhere near where it needs to be to impeach a president, and that is because the approval number is at 46%. Did you hear that? These guys, the Never Trumpers out there, the Drive-By Media, the Democrat Party, they are wallowing in some of the most noteworthy failure that they can recall. Folks, they’ve given it everything they’ve got. They have fired every weapon. They’ve used every bit of ammo that they’ve always used. And they’ve done it repeatedly. They have done it multiple times a day, every day, for over two years. And Trump’s numbers are now creeping up in their polls. He’s over 50% in the Rasmussen poll.”

The point, Limbaugh explained, is that the Democrats’ dream of impeaching Trump, which is by nature a political process that requires extreme dissatisfaction with the president, is going up in flames. And they know it.

Limbaugh then played another clip from McInturff’s rather sobering comments to Todd, telling him Trump’s generic ballot numbers may be “flashing yellow” lights for Team Trump but his relatively solid approval numbers means he’s “in the ball game” for getting reelected in 2020. After playing another clip from Fred Yang saying something similar, but adding that Trump hasn’t really expanded his base, Limbaugh unpacked the problem for the Dems more.

“Let me tell you what’s going on here with the — believe me, these guys, this is gigantic CYA that they’re involved in, because they can’t explain this,” said Rush. “…Here’s what’s going on. We’ve had Nadler and these clowns announce that they’re gonna subpoena 81 members of the administration. Eighty-one people linked to Trump. Nadler said that this document request, it’s a way to begin building the public record. Nadler claims that Trump hasn’t been held accountable for the last three years. Hasn’t been held accountable? There isn’t a single president in our lifetimes who has been more delegitimized, by virtue of investigation and held accountable than this guy.”

“Now, obviously the Democrats running for president fully expect to win or they wouldn’t be getting into the race, most of them,” Rush said. “But I think a lot of people, if they can come to grips with things, expect Trump to be reelected. After the CPAC speech on Saturday, after these polls that come out and show his approval numbers are ticking up… The economy is going great guns, manufacturing and homebuilding are reaching new highs — things that were plummeting under Obama — and the Democrats are starting to step in it…”

“If you look and if you have the ability to look objectively, all signs indicate that Trump is going to be reelected. This business of impeachment that they’re going…? No doubt they are. But not for between now and 2020. This is to prep impeachment for 2021 and beyond,” said Limbaugh. “That’s what they’re doing. That’s why these massive documents requests — and they’re only just now getting started.”

After touching on more evidence that Democrats and their leftist base are going off the rails, Limbaugh concluded, “I’m telling you, they’re setting up the impeachment of Donald Trump after he wins reelection.”