MSNBC’s top conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow twisted herself in knots on Tuesday in an attempt to link the US case against WikiLeaks for their 2010 release of the Iraq and Afghan War Logs to President Donald Trump.

Earlier in the day, Chelsea Manning had appeared in court in the Eastern District of Virginia to fight a subpoena for her to testify before a secret grand jury. The most obvious reason why she would be called to do so is because the US government is intending to go after WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange for his publishing of the documents she provided to him — and they want her to help them do so.

Instead of putting the puzzle together in the most obvious and realistic way, Maddow attempted to link this all to President Trump, Roger Stone, and Russia. To hide the reality of the situation from her loyal fans, Maddow pulled a move straight from the Scientology playbook and warned people against Googling more information about the case for themselves — implying they will get a virus on their computer if they do.

The truth of the matter is that the US government is going after WikiLeaks for publishing documents that they did not want the public to see. Their doing so goes against the great freedom of press that many in this nation hold so dear.

WikiLeaks didn’t hack or steal the war logs, they simply published newsworthy material that was given to them. By this standard, Maddow and her producers should be holed up in an embassy for reading President Trump’s leaked tax return on air.

Be careful what you wish for.