What’s the name of the new freshman legislator who was a champion against political corruption?  You know, the one who’s going to clean up campaign finance corruption? What’s her name?

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It’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but watchdogs have recently discovered that she’s no champion. In fact, she’s probably the biggest hypocrite we’ve seen for a long time. Now, not even the liberal news sites can save her.

As reported by the New York Post:

Pretend you’re a freshman lawmaker who perpetually rails against dark money — but your chief of staff has funneled $1 million-plus in political donations to two of his own companies, Brand New Congress LLC and Brand New Campaign LLC.

That’s the hypocritical pickle Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finds herself in.

At a House hearing last month, AOC made a big show of “a lighting-round game” to wax indignant about what’s legal under the campaign laws. Yet she’s left arguing that the moves by her then-campaign manager and now chief of staff, millionaire Saikat Chakrabarti, were legal (however smelly).

It may not be legal, mind you: The watchdogs at the National Legal and Policy Center charge that Chakrabarti skirted reporting requirements and violated the $5,000 limit on donations from federal PACs to candidates.

So first of all, what is this “lightning-round game” about campaign finance laws?  That would be a five  minute video made famous by AOC herself when she posted it in a tweet where she uses a creative way to explain the need for reform.

You can see the tweet with the video below:

Sounds legitimate, right? Only if you have ethics and will actually PLAY BY YOUR OWN RULES. Unfortunately for AOC, she and her campaign were apparently not following the rules, and were hiding around $1,000,000 in funds.

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As reported by Breibart:

A Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed Monday accused Cortez chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti of using two PACs (Political Action Committees) he founded to funnel around $1 million to two of his private companies, according to the Washington Examiner. The companies may have been used to hide what funds were spent on.

The NPLC complaint takes aim at the possibility contributions from the PAC to candidates exceeded the $5,000 FEC limit. It requests an FEC investigation into the two PACs for creating “an elaborate scheme to avoid proper disclosure of campaign expenditures.”

“These are not minor or technical violations. We are talking about real money here. In all my years of studying FEC reports, I’ve never seen a more ambitious operation to circumvent reporting requirements,” said Tom Anderson, director of NLPC’s Government Integrity Project. “Representative Ocasio-Cortez has been quite vocal in condemning so-called dark money, but her own campaign went to great lengths to avoid the sunlight of disclosure.”

Even if you’re someone who was in AOC’s corner, you have to admit that this was not ethical, but rather the opposite. AOC was able to ignore conservative reporters for the  most part while the leftist media was ignoring the story, but now that the fake news media is forced to deal with the issue, she has had to do some damage control.

“He’s not on my payroll. They were not working for me and they are two separate entities here.”

This statement is partially true, since Saikat Chakrabarti is independently wealthy and has no need for her to pay him. He is, however, her chief of staff. Her claim that “they are two separate entities” is also only partially true, since Chakrabarti created both of them for the same purpose, which is the definition of “funneling.”

And sadly, this is not the first time she was accused of unethically funneling.

According to Breibart:

This is not the first FEC complaint concerning Cortez. Last week the Coolidge Reagan Foundation filed a complaint alleging Brand New Congress PAC was used to funnel money to the congresswoman’s boyfriend Riley Roberts. The Times noted that Roberts received payments as a “marketing consultant” of $6,000 from Brand New Congress PAC.

So she was illegally giving money to her boyfriend? But wait! Isn’t this the woman who is our TRUTH-SPEAKER?! No. Her truthfulness has been called into question so many times that she made headlines with the following quote:

“I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.

Hmm. Well, now it appears that perhaps you are neither of these things? What are your thoughts on AOC’s ethics? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below!