Tarrant, 28, originally from Grafton, New South Wales but more recently a resident of Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island, was dressed in a white custody outfit with a black sash around his waist

Source: Qronos 16 YouTube Channel

Not so fast leftist opportunists. The New Zealand shooter’s manifesto reveals an ideology more in common with the left than mainstream propaganda may run with. 28-year-old Australian native Brenton Tarrant went on an anti-Muslim rampage, targeting two Mosques in the city of Christ Church in New Zealand. What has been dubbed a terrorist attack by the authorities and described as such by the shooter’s manifesto, has so far claimed the lives of 49 and wounded roughly the same number. Tarrant was arrested after targeting a second mosque. Additionally, three other people were arrested in connection with the shooting. But the details of their involvement remains unclear. Tarrant announced his intent to attack the mosque on 8 chan and then live streamed the 17 minutes of terror on facebook. The footage quickly spread on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Tarrant’s 74-page manifesto titled “The Great Replacement” rants on topics regarding mass immigration, low European fertility rates, and Tarrant’s explanation for committing the attacks. For the most part, Tarrant makes it clear that the attack is intended on pouring fuel on the fire of division in the United States. Accelerating the left’s clampdown on Second Amendment rights. Digging deeper into the manifesto reveals a self-avowed eco-fascist with communist leanings. With more in common with Norway mass shooter Anders Breivik and fascist Oswald Mosley. While referencing Charleston Church shooter Dylan Roof as an apparent means of continuing to troll the left into responding.