It never ceases to amaze how the Trump-haters are so focused on making everything about him. So what is the new scandalous nightmare that they are laying at his feet?

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As reported by the New York Times:

On Tuesday, the Justice Department announced the indictments of dozens of wealthy parents, including the Emmy-winning actress Felicity Huffman, for employing various forms of bribery and fraud to get their kids into highly selective schools. Some of them allegedly paid college coaches, including at Yale and Stanford, to lie and say that their children were special recruits for sports that the kids didn’t even play. Others allegedly paid exam administrators to let someone smarter take tests for their children. Millions of dollars changed hands.

It’s a galling exposé of widespread cheating by families who are already well-to-do and well connected, but it’s not really a surprising one. Anyone who knows anything about the cutthroat competition for precious spots at top-tier schools realizes how ugly and unfair it can be: how many corners are cut, how many schemes are hatched, how big a role money plays, how many advantages privilege can buy.

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And although not formally charged, even Felicity Huffman’s well-known husband, William H. Macy was also reportedly in on the plot, along with Full House’s Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Fiannulli, according to the New York News Daily:

Loughlin’s husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, was charged with the same offenses. Huffman’s husband William H. Macy was not charged, but he’s mentioned in the paperwork as Huffman’s “spouse” and was caught on a wiretap allegedly discussing the scheme.

It looks like Hollywood is drenched in scandal. So how on earth did CNN and others manage to take the blame off of the elitist cheaters and onto President Donald Trump?

Newsbusters covers the story:

The college admissions scandal: finally, a big story which the MSM can’t pin to President Trump. But not so fast, my friend! Where there’s a will to trash Trump, there’s a way.

And so it was that this morning, CNN, with a big assist from New York Times columnist and CNN contributor Frank Bruni, found a way to tie the Trump family to the admissions scandal.

On New Day, Bruni suggested that a donation to Harvard made by Jared Kushner’s father was not “morally different” from the crimes committed in the college admissions scandal.Right. Other than the Kushner donation being legal, and the crimes being, uh, crimes.

But hey, for the MSM, any excuse is good to tie Trump to criminality!

If CNN is so scandalized by Kushner getting into Harvard, it should tell us how CNN’s own Chris Cuomo, son of former New York Governor Mario, got into Yale. Were his grades and SATs in the top 1-2%, like the vast majority of non-minority Yale applicants admitted on their own merits?

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So now that we know that the “Chicken Noodle Network” is doing what they always do, let’s see the transcript of exactly what Frank Bruni said:

“But I think the important thing, and this is why I’m not surprised, is that money has long corrupted the college admissions process. We’re talking now about uses of money that actually happen to be illegal. But how morally is it that much different from, say, Jared Kushner’s father pledging a donation of $2.5 millions Jared, who did not have good enough grades or test scores, is applying to Harvard, and lo and behold gets in? That sort of thing among the wealthy has happened for decades. I think it’s accelerated over recent years as the shine of big colleges has meant more to parents. I think we need to talk about that big picture in addition to this criminality.”

Yes, Frank, let’s put the actions of law abiders in with the actions of law breakers. Perfect logic.

One does whatever they can to help their child within the scope of the law, while the other give-the-finger to the law because they don’t think little Sally is smart enough to make it on her own. Somehow to you, both of these options are the same?

Or is this just a desperate ploy to blame this on Trump?

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I leave with a surprisingly astute paragraph from the New York Times:

There are many takeaways from this appalling story. One is how crassly hypocritical parents can be. I bet that more than a few of those charged are proud liberals who talked about the importance of equal opportunity and an even playing field, then went out and did whatever it took to push their kids into the winner’s circle. In this case, they doomed them, imparting garbage values and mortifying them along the way.

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