Source: DARPA, Hudson Institute Written By Brian Wang 

A panel of national security experts say China is leading the world in hypersonic technology due to Beijing setting a clear investment strategy to its industrial base. Hypersonic glide weapons are a threat to aircraft carriers and land air bases. The Hudson Institute hosted a panel discussion on China’s military ambitions, specifically its hypersonic missile advances, and how the United States should respond. Hypersonic weapons travel at least five times the speed of sound and are especially challenging for U.S. defenses due to, in large part, their ability to evade the current radar and sensor architecture. The panelists agreed that the United States needs to invest in offensive hypersonic weapons technology and boosting counter-hypersonic defensive systems. The US will need to create a low orbit sensor layer to create an eventual hypersonic defense. DARPA is working on the many cheap $6 million low earth orbit satellites to detect and track.