Source: Wyatt T Nworeport

This was the first reality based mass murder. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” of terror.

YouTuber, Thomas Wictor, posted a video positing the idea that the Christchurch New Zealand massacre was not a race or religion inspired terror attack, rather it was the worlds first example of a “Trolling Mass-Murder.”

The original video, which can be seen in full here is 12 minutes long, so we chopped it down to the 3 minutes that really matter for the point he’s making (you’re welcome).

His basic premise is that everything this guy did and said was typical nihilist trolling, from extolling people to follow PewDiePie, to calling out Candice Owens as his number one influence.

Thomas makes a great point, but can’t it be both a sick troll who also hates Muslims?

The Atlantic agrees

The calls to shut down internet chat boards are already starting:

When a muslim murdered 49 gay people in a Florida night club, the community immediately rallied around the mosque and muslim community he hailed from. There were repeated admonishments warning against a backlash, and reminding people how peaceful muslim are.

On the other hand, when a terrorist shoots up a mosque full of worshipers, the whole community is blamed and punished collectively.

Has it occurred to anyone that THIS is what the shooter was aiming to expose? If so, progressive culture has played right into his hands and given him exactly what he wanted. He’s exposed that some religious inspired murders are more outrageous than others.

What he’s really exposed is that the world has grown 100% complacent about Muslims murdering people. It doesn’t even shock the senses anymore. It’s only when the reverse happens that we feel outrage, precisely because it’s out of the ordinary.