Another day in America and another day where the Left is trying to obstruct President Trump.

On Tuesday, a bill that would require any Presidential candidate to release the last five years of their tax returns, advanced to Washington’s state House of Representatives.

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Check out what The Hill reported:

Senators voted by a 28-21 margin to approve the bill, according to CBS. The state’s attorney general and solicitor told lawmakers in a letter this week that the proposal likely was constitutional, but analysts expect the law if passed to be challenged in federal court.

“The disclosure requirement you propose is likely Constitutional,” the two wrote to lawmakers, according to CBS, adding that the measure “would definitely be challenged in court.”

Democrats who supported the bill said the provision was necessary to force a return to norms surrounding the release of presidential candidates’ tax returns.

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It has never been mandatory for Presidential candidates to release their tax returns but now Democrats want to make it the norm because they think it can somehow remove Trump from qualifying for office.

“Although releasing tax returns has been the norm for about the last 40 years in presidential elections, unfortunately we’ve seen that norm broken,” said Sen. Patty Kuderer (D), who sponsored the bill.

Many Republicans pointed out that it is questionable for states to try to impose new rules on the federal government.

Republican Senator Hans Zeiger stated, “We’re on really risky ground when we’re trying to place conditions on a federal election.”

You can always count on Democrats to try to abuse and twist the law!

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Check out what else The Hill reported:

Trump caused controversy throughout the 2016 campaign with his refusal to release his tax returns, claiming at the time to be under audit by the IRS. In recent weeks, Democrats in the House have indicated that they may pursue Trump’s returns in the hopes of investigating the president’s finances for criminal activity.

The only reason why Democrats are trying to implement this is because of the “controversy” during the 2016 election when Donald Trump refused to release his tax returns.

President Trump was reluctant to release his returns because he was well aware of how the “swamp” would try to find something wrong with the returns so they could bar him from becoming President.

Why should the President release his tax returns knowing that the swamp and Democrats in Washington D.C. will literally do anything to remove him from office?

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The Democrats are making it clear that they will stop at NOTHING to impeach President Trump.

The Mueller investigation is wrapping up and it appears that Mueller has come up empty-handed with “Trump-Russia collusion.”

Now that this investigation is almost over, Democrats are starting new investigations into Trump in search of ANY criminal activity in President Trump’s past.

We have already seen the Democrat’s corruption on full display so it’s no wonder why the President doesn’t want to hand over his tax records to this corrupt cesspool of people.