The darkest day: at least 49 dead in terrorist attack on ...

Source: Christopher Chantrill

In the aftermath of the evil mosque attacks in New Zealand, everyone is having a grand old time blaming their favorite scapegoat. In the New York Times, a chap called Wajahat Ali blamed Donald Trump and Breitbart News. Another Muslim activist blamed Chelsea Clinton, who — fatal error — apologized. In a statement of characteristic intellectual originality, Sandy O blamed the NRA.

Good Little Boys and Good Little Girls all, hating and fearing the scapegoat as they have been carefully taught.

But I have a much juicier culprit to blame for all the hate and division. I blame the educated ruling class that has risen to power and maintains its power by dividing and conquering the masses and teaching them to hate each other.

As I wrote in my “Leftism is a School of Hate:” first the left taught the workers to hate the middle class, then it taught women to hate men, then it taught blacks to hate whites, then it taught gays to hate straights, then Muslims to hate Jews.

But I left off the latest course offered by the lefty school of hate: teaching all its Coalition of the Fringes to hate white working-class men, ordinary white guys sorely in need of the privilege of rich parents to boost them into fancy colleges.

Wait! I got it wrong. The left’s school is not just about hate. There is also fear, and the fear comes first.

First, the left teaches its Little Darlings to fear; then, after the “system” meets their just demands, the left teaches them to hate.

So, first the left taught the workers to fear the bosses; then the left taught the workers to hate the bosses. First the left taught blacks to fear the whites; then the left taught blacks to hate whites.

Hate comes after fear: you read it here first.

When did the workers start to show their hate with strike and protest? They did it after the factory owners had rescued them from rural starvation. When did women really start to hate men? Right: it was after they got the vote and the sacrament of abortion. And when did blacks really start to hate whites? After the civil rights era, when King gave way to Stokely Carmichael and H. Rap Brown. Gays? After they got gay marriage.

Today, of course, we have our stalwart educated ruling class teaching us, from year to year, that everyone should hate and fear those eeevil white nationalists.

But something went wrong. The white nationalists are fighting back.

Hey! No fair! That wasn’t supposed to happen!

Why not? Let’s consult Marxist György Lukács and his deployment of Marxian dialectics. According to La Wik:

For Lukács, “ideology” is a projection of the class consciousness of the bourgeoisie, which functions to prevent the proletariat from attaining consciousness of its revolutionary position.

Rubbish. Let’s update Lukács’s 1920s dialectic:

For me, Christopher Chantrill, “woke” is a projection of the class consciousness of the educated elite, which functions to prevent the white working class from attaining consciousness of its revolutionary position.

How do you like them apples, lefties? What with the NRA eeevilly promoting revolutionary gun culture among the white working class, and all?

I am just trying to point out that everything from the left and the educated class, including “and” and “the” is, and always has been, a lie. In the words of Sen. Lindsay Graham:

Boy, you all want power. God, I hope you never get it.

Well, yes, Senator. That is what politics is all about, especially politics on the left. And that is the fundamental and evil folly of the left. It thinks, from the commanding heights of the academy to the urban playgrounds of the well-born millennials, that the crying need is to transform the world with more politics: in a word, socialism.

Ya think? Here is the prophet Nietzsche, writing way back in 1878, in Human, All Too Human, that:

Socialism can serve to teach, in a truly brutal and impressive fashion, what danger there lies in all accumulations of state power, and to that extent implant mistrust of the state itself. [from “A Glance at the State”]

Fritzi. How the heck did you figure that out back in 1878?

That is what all the hate and fear of the left’s school of hate is all about: “the accumulations of state power.” The whole point of the plight of the workers, the women, the blacks, the gays, is to accumulate state power for the educated elite. Period.

And it serves the rulers right if, after 150 years, the workers, now marinating in the toxic masculinity of white nationalism, should turn around and bite them in the neck.

Hey, I know! Let’s elect a president who can soften all the angry voices with the unifying call to Make America Great Again.