Source: Posted By Billy M Nworeport

Nothing exposes the fragility of the left like a MAGA hat.

Man Wears Trump MAGA Hat to Peace Vigil for Mosque Shooting Victims: Far Left Fascists Abuse Him and Force Him to Leave (VIDEO)

Is this the same man who attacked Jussie Smollett?

The right has put up with Che shirts for decades. The right has watched as the left rewards Weather Underground terrorists with prestigious university positions. The right has watched as black-clad gangs called ANTIFA beat people in the streets for the crime of being conservative, while the culture largely offers a wink and a nod to their heroic efforts to combat “fascism.”

What if from now on, the right treated the left with the equality they so richly deserve? What it the right ripped the Che shirts off their wearers on sight? What if the right hired Richard Spencer and David Duke to teach at a state university? What if the right dressed in brown shirts and attacked progressives in the streets as they come out of Biden/O’Rourke campaign events?

Put that way, the ugly, intolerant, violent nature of the left becomes painfully clear.