‘Obama’s Department of Justice had already decided the outcome of the investigation before it had even gotten off the ground’


“The Ferguson File” host Ben Ferguson said Friday that the transcripts from former FBI attorney Lisa Page’s testimony, which were released last week, confirmed what we’ve all suspected over the past several years: The Department of Justice under the Obama administration was complicit in a massive cover-up for then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

“It was a massive bombshell,” Ben said of the Page’s testimony. “It proved yet again that the deep state is real and has been protecting Hillary Clinton all along.”

Ben recalled the 2016 FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of an unsecured email server to handle classified information when she was the secretary of state.

“In private testimony that’s been released, Page confirmed that former President Barack Obama’s Justice Department made it abundantly clear to the FBI that they had absolutely no intention of prosecuting Hillary Clinton regardless of the outcome of the FBI investigation,” Ben said.

“This cover-up is massive,” he continued. “The FBI was clearly told, ‘Don’t bother with a real investigation because no matter what you find, we are not going to charge Hillary Clinton with any crimes.’ In other words, Obama’s Department of Justice had already decided the outcome of the investigation before it had even gotten off the ground.”

He noted former federal prosecutor Rep. John Radcliffe’s (R-Texas) tweet that confirms Page said under oath that the DOJ ordered the FBI not to charge Hillary Clinton:

“And there was still — after all that shady business — no accountability,” said Ben. “Hillary Clinton is walking around a free women when she actually committed serious federal crimes and put America’s classified information at significant risk of being stolen by our biggest adversaries around the world.”

“You have corruption within the DOJ, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, and it also includes the president,” he added. “Now these are damning revelations of significantly compromised Obama Department of Justice officials. As for the media’s lack of outrage over this story, it shows their extreme bias. Like Obama’s DOJ, they’ve been protecting Hillary Clinton at all costs and they will continue to do so.”