In a move that will likely be fought in federal court, Washington passed a bill that would prohibit Donald Trump from having a spot on the 2020 presidential ballot if he does not release his private tax returns.


Washington wants to make it impossible for citizens who support the president to be able to vote for him in the 2020 election.

The state senate passed a bill that would require all candidates on the ballot for president to released five years of tax returns before appearing in the primary or general election.

Basically, these liberals want to make sure that they silence anyone who wants to vote for Donald Trump.

The Hill reported:

Senators voted by a 28-21 margin to approve the bill, according to CBS. The state’s attorney general and solicitor told lawmakers in a letter this week that the proposal likely was constitutional, but analysts expect the law if passed to be challenged in federal court.

“The disclosure requirement you propose is likely Constitutional,” the two wrote to lawmakers, according to CBS, adding that the measure “would definitely be challenged in court.”

Democrats who supported the idea of disenfranchising voters excused the notion by claiming that it was President Trump’s fault.

“Although releasing tax returns has been the norm for about the last 40 years in presidential elections, unfortunately we’ve seen that norm broken,” said Sen. Patty Kuderer, who sponsored the bill.

Republicans argued that democrats were involving themselves in a federal election, which was dangerous.

“We’re on really risky ground when we’re trying to place conditions on a federal election,” said Sen. Hans Zeiger.

The fact that democrats would be behind a blatant effort to prevent any votes for President Trump in the 2020 election is not surprising, but that does not make it any less disgusting. They are basically telling citizens that regardless of what you want, we will decided who you will be able to vote for, and it will not be Donald Trump unless he bows to our pressure and our minute examination of his personal tax records.

No one seems bothered by the fact that just last week Americans learned that the Obama Justice Department protected the Clinton Foundation from investigation.

A similar bill recently advanced in New Jersey’s state Senate and is currently sitting in the state’s General Assembly, according to the Hill.

Such tactics, disenfranchising voters, don’t seem to bother liberal democrats in Washington, but many people point out that they have no problem with supporting efforts to allow illegal aliens a voice in elections.

That would be actual foreign interference, but since democrats seem to think it would help help, they’re all for it.

The hypocrisy isn’t surprising, just revolting as usual.