Trump denounces TSA for groping young child

Source: Wyatt T- Nworeport

President Trump has condemned the TSA after a viral video surfaced showing a perverted agent groping a young boy as part of an invasive pat-down procedure at a US airport.

“Not a good situation,” the president tweeted, retweeting a video shared by comedian Larry the Cable Guy. reports: The president’s eldest son Don Jr. also chimed in, saying, “This is sickening.”

“I’m sure this young man could have been deemed to not be a threat in a matter of seconds. Wtf!” Don Jr. tweeted.

The video, which first appeared in 2017, shows a boy at Dallas’ JFK airport undergoing a full pat-down which lasted approximately two minutes.

At the time the boy’s mother, Jennifer Williamson, who filmed the encounter, also mentioned her son suffered from a sensory processing disorder, compounding the incident’s absurdity.

As the video went viral, the TSA went into damage control mode, penning a blog post titled, “TSA Mythbuster: The Rest of the DFW Pat-down Story,” which attempted to explain why the over-the-top search was required.

While Trump intended to highlight the perverse nature of the search, The Washington Postfocused on the origin of the person who the president retweeted, who they described as a “follower of the QAnon conspiracy theory.”

Trump’s retweet of @DeepStateExpose, who was identified as conspiracy-minded Twitter user Jeremy Stone, will likely “raise new questions about where a president fond of spreading conspiracy theories gets his information,” The Post writes.