As is expected, the left-wing media has released countless reports of propaganda following the massacre in New Zealand.

If someone were to read their indoctrination pieces without actually engaging their mind, it would seem that everyone knows that gun control is the answer to these types of tragedies.

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Just look at the dribble reported by USA Today:

The United States, Australia and New Zealand share a historical heritage of frontier adventurism — the kind that bred a familiarity with firearms as tools for putting food on the table, or later as a sporting pastime.

But the similarity ends abruptly when the evildoers of those societies use semi-automatic weapons to commit slaughter — as happened Friday in Christchurch, New Zealand, where a gunman killed 50 worshipers at two mosques.

In the wake of that horror, the New Zealand government moved rapidly to announce that by next Monday, it will unveil plans for tightening gun laws that could potentially include a ban on military-style rifles and require registration of all guns.

“As a Cabinet, we were absolutely unified and very clear,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Monday. “The time to act is now.”

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It seems amazing that New Zealand’s cabinet is “absolutely unified” about calls for more gun control, when the rest of the country is not unified “absolutely.”

So after reading this type of journalism, it’s always good to start asking questions…this is where the brain comes in.

As stated, the country is known for it’s “frontier adventurism” (AKA hunting), so it sure seems strange that they would be in favor of restricting their gun rights.

Don’t believe me?

How about the fact that there has been a surge in gun sales following the the Prime Minister’s gun control announcement?

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Do you really think that all of the citizens buying up all of the guns think that most people shouldn’t have a gun? Are all the gun sales from the good citizens who are destroying the guns?

No, they’re not. That should tell you something. Another thing the media is not telling you is that the gun control laws in New Zealand are already far more strict than the laws in the United States.

As reported by the Daily Caller:

New Zealand requires gun owner registration, licensing, universal background checks and more.

Authorities will even investigate gun buyers by interviewing family members before issuing licenses. So-called “assault weapons” are legal, but heavily restricted.

Taken together, the country’s gun control far exceeds what we have in the United States. And yet their extreme restrictions did not stop a bad guy from using firearms to commit a heinous massacre last week.

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So in a country where they already have strict gun control laws, will adding more restrictions actually fix the problem, or just make it worse?

Something else that the media won’t tell  you is that one of the most crime-ridden areas in the world was lowered to that place only after a massive confiscation of the people’s weapons.

The Daily Caller continues their story below:

The failure of gun control is not unique to New Zealand. Consider Venezuela, where gun confiscation of all private firearms was followed by a horrendous spike in crime, making the country one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

People there not only fear violent mobs, but their government, as well. And yet the U.S. media routinely fails to make the connection between gun control and the lack of safety — whether it be Venezuela, New Zealand or this country.

The shooter in the New Zealand massacre was stopped after being confronted with a shotgun!

That’s right, a potential victim at the second mosque grabbed an unloaded shotgun and threw it at the shooter. This shattered his car window which presumably made him thinkthat he was being fired upon. The killer sped off, and lives were undoubtedly saved. But few outlets have mentioned this.

Likewise, the mainstream media have steadfastly ignored the many legitimate examples of self-defense in this country where good guys use loaded guns to bring attacks to a halt.

For this reason, few people know that FBI reports on active shooters show several examples where armed civilians either stopped or prevented mass shootings in recent years.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. FBI “active shooter” reports show that when a gun owner is present, mass shootings are either prevented or mitigated 94 percent of the time.

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It’s no wonder that the media refuses to report on all of the massacres that are prevented by citizens with guns, or any other pro-gun evidence, as this would get in the way of their propaganda.

They simply rely on you, the reader, to swallow their dribble without using your mind.

Once the brain is engaged, the holes in their logic are easy to spot.

Do you believe more gun control will result in less crime? Sound off in the comment box below!