John Hickenlooper and Beto ORourke.

Source: Matthew Walther

I wish I could say that the worst thing about John Hickenlooper’s CNN town hall on Wednesday night was the part where he talked about watching Deep Throat with his mom. The former governor of Colorado, who is one of roughly 173 declared candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, explained that the porno-with-mom thing was not an accident. He said he knew that the movie was “naughty” but thought his mother might enjoy getting out of the house. Apparently after the infamous X-rated flick began she was “mortified.” That poor woman.

Possibly even more cringe-inducing, though, was Hickenlooper’s response to a question about whether he would consider selecting a woman as his running mate. “Of course,” he told Dana Bash. Fair enough. What else is there to say? But for some reason he felt compelled to go on. “I’ll ask you another question. How come we’re not asking, more often, the women, ‘Would you be willing to put a man on the ticket?'” Did you hear that, Governor? That was the sound of a hundred thousand American woman groaning simultaneously.

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