Catherine Herridge dropped a bombshell yesterday while everyone was talking about the Mueller Report, indicating that Attorney General Barr is investigating a number of prominent FBI and Justice Dept. officials for their suppression of evidence.


All day yesterday, the media coverage over the Robert Mueller report was everywhere. However, one key bombshell was dropped by Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge.

Herridge seemed to indicate that the Inspector General’s report will be out very soon, and it spells bad news for Andrew McCabe, James Comey, and a slew of other deep state players.

Conservative Treehouse reporter Sundance wrote:

We noted earlier how the specific emphasis of Ms. Herridge seemed to indicate the Horowitz report was closer to the surface of completion than previously thought.

Immediately after the Mueller news broke (around 5pm EST), Herridge filed her first live report providing details of the Mueller report. Within that first report Herridge stated she was previously bound to “confidences” until the Mueller probe was complete.

In subsequent reporting we begin to see what those confidences are, and how they connect to her exclusive reporting on text messages between Andrew McCabe and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

Ms. Herridge is strongly emphasizing a few key points that need additional emphasis:

  • First, IG Horowitz is looking into the leaking of memos that contain classified information by “Senior FBI Executives.” This bullet-point directly relates to the James Comey memos that were leaked to the New York Times by ComeyOn this first point, that would mean Comey is under investigation by the DOJ for those leaks.
  • Second, IG Horowitz is following up on his own investigative finding where he found FBI officials were taking gifts from media. This violates FBI policy and could be a bigger ethical issue depending on the details. Interestingly, connecting this path to bullet-point #1, Herridge says: “by those same Senior Executives.” That would indicate former FBI Director James Comey, and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe would be under investigation for taking gifts from media.
  • Third, Herridge reports on what we already knew. IG Horowitz is investigating FISA surveillance abuse that stems from the fraudulently obtained FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant gained on Carter Page. This third point we knew about; however, Herridge then drops a bombshell...

Herridge notes she has exclusively gained 40 pages of text messages and communication between Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page. Her reporting from earlier today only revealed two of those pages.

Additionally, Herridge reveals these McCabe/Page messages were not provided to congressional oversight while republicans were in charge of the committees. This is huge, because this speaks to two key issues:

  • Corruption that existed inside the FBI (2017, 2018) that was/is keeping information from congress; and…
  • The possibility of AG William Barr changing the dynamic so those same corrupt officials can no longer hide the information.

This is huge!

Firstly, the FBI withholding evidence from congressional investigators is mind-boggling.

Americans already know that high-ranking (unelected) officials deleted texts and other communications that would be damaging to the reputation of both the FBI and DOJ, headed by Obama.

It’s logical to assume that Barr may be ready to drop the hammer on these corrupt officials, and the American people may begin to see some accountability for the real collusion that occurred within the democrat party and deep state.

Likewise, now that the Mueller report is finished, with no more indictments coming, declassifying that FISA documents used to spy on a presidential candidate would be okay.

Watch the report below: