Source: Bright Start News

Like most Democrats, Mia Farrow isn’t taking the Mueller report very well.

Weirdly, Farrow and other leftists aren’t happy that the current President of the United States didn’t conspire with a foreign power to highjack our republic. They wanted it to be true because that’s how much they hate Trump and his supporters, which is disgusting.

Mia might want to seek counseling before reading this:

One problem: Bill Barr is their boss.

Ouch. Sorry Mia. You might have to put your vindictiveness on ice.

And here’s another thing… Even if the SDNY can make a case against one or more members of the Trump family for various potential violations, that has NOTHING to do with collusion which was the basis for President Obama and Hillary Clinton conspiring with DNI Clapper, CIA Brennan, FBI Comey, DOJ Yates, and a host of other accomplices, to spy on their political opposition using the most sensitive tools of our nation’s anti-terror surveillance arsenal.

It’s time for a very public trial for treason. Mia can be a character witness for the defense.