The video of the incident quickly went viral, while bystanders simply watched the carnage unfold or stood taking video of the beating.


Police have arrested the man who was caught on video repeatedly beating and kicking a 78-year-old woman on the New York City subway.

Sunway riders simply watched and cheered as the monster savagely attacked the old lady.

The victim was alone and tried to defend herself and ward off the continuous blows, but as the train stopped, the man turned and shouted “WorldStar that, my n—a.” — referring to the popular social media page that celebrates savagery and violent attacks.

But, restaurant worker Marc Gomez has denied he attacked her, and simultaneously claimed she deserved it because she ‘came at him with a knife.’

“She was homeless and lying across the seat and wanted all other passengers to move,” Gomez’ court-appointed lawyer claimed of the nearly 80-year-old woman.

“She said, at that point, ‘I have a knife and I’m going to stab you,’” and flashed “a sharp instrument,” Steven Mechanic claimed.

Such actions are hardly defensible, many people claim.

So what if she had a ‘sharp instrument’?

She’s 78-years-old!

And, Gomez has a history of criminal activity.

He was charged with felony assault of the woman and ordered to be held in prison instead of the $30,000 bail, because prosecutors brought up a misdemeanor conviction and an open gun possession in The Bronx previously.

“Gomez had been free without bail on that case since November, when he was stopped on the Cross Bronx Expressway by cops who found a 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun plus ammo in his car, according to law-enforcement sources.

“Gomez also has old, sealed arrests for assault and possession of a gun and marijuana, sources said.”

“The defendant was recorded on video kicking a 78-year-old woman on a subway in The Bronx,” prosecutor Theresa Genthe said.

“The defendant viciously kicked her six times, while wearing boots, about the head and face.”

The New York Post reported:

Video of the March 10 violence on a northbound 2 train went viral on social media — prompting outrage not only for the brutality but because at least two straphangers whipped out cellphones instead of trying to help.

By Sunday, a clip of the 3 a.m. attack had nearly 13 million views.

In it, the attacker holds on to the pole above her head for balance as he lands his kicks.

The first two blows strike her in the head, which snaps to the side from the impact. Other kicks hit her stomach and left breast.

In a previous report the outlet added:

No one called 911 right away, police said, and the person behind the camera continued recording the woman as she held her hand to her head.

Cops weren’t notified until the train arrived at the next and last stop, at Wakefield-241st Street station, when a bystander approached a police officer in the station.

“It’s terrible,” an MTA worker told the Post on Friday at the Nereid Avenue station. “I can’t believe something like that could happen.”

The employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said community affairs officers had been to the station Friday morning. They showed her the video, she said, but she did not recognize him.

The victim was treated at the station by EMS for bleeding and swelling, but refused additional medical attention.

It seems important for many people to remind each other that the Green New Deal would force all Americans—and their children—to ride buses and subways with criminals like Gomez.