The ripples from Friday’s release of the long-awaited Mueller report continue to reverberate as the fake news media struggles to come to terms with the idea that they have been exposed as liars, conspiracy theorists, and hoaxers.

For over two years, Americans have been fed a steady diet of wild speculation, gross exaggeration, and propaganda by a media that is overflowing with activists, charlatans and partisan political hacks masquerading as journalists. They all pushed the hogwash that the President Of The United States was really an agent of the Kremlin and the reviled Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

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When Mueller completed his report late Friday afternoon at a time when stories that the government wants to go away are typically fed into the news cycle, it was a day of reckoning for those in the media who have brazenly lied to Americans while disseminating Deep State talking points repackaged as news.

Even though the report itself has yet to be made public, there is no way to view it as anything else than a vindication of President Trump and a running dropkick in the crotch to his enemies because was it anything but a dud, it would have already been leaked.

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These last 48 hours have not been a happy time in the studios and executive suites at MSNBC and CNN as talking heads choke down triple helpings of crow and in some cases, engage in unhinged meltdowns while on the air.

Meltdowns like CNN’s Brian Stelter of “Reliable Sources” who has been one of the worst of the propaganda peddlers and who uncorked a bitter rant in which he played the victim now that the chickens have come home to roost.

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This country needs to know what Mueller found and needs to know what he didn’t find.

I think all of us as news citizens, news consumers, need to make sure our tuners work so we can distinguish what is true and news versus what is wishful thinking, speculation, opinion. We need to distinguish between what has actually happened and what might happen.

So don’t be fooled by the partisans who cherry-pick the worst mistakes over individual journalists or the craziest ideas from commentators and claim that’s the entire media. It’s not.

We are waiting for the facts.

Here is what I know. You’re going to hear it from the right for the next days and weeks to come. That the press has made all of this up to take down President Trump. The press is just following a trail that Trump created. He has proven time and time again he cannot be trusted. He is so dishonest that even America’s allies don’t know what to believe. He is so unpredictable that his aides sometimes don’t know what to say or how to respond. That’s the crucial context for whatever comes next.

Maybe every time he said, “no collusion,” more than 231 times so far, maybe every time he said no collusion he was telling the truth. Maybe that’s what Mueller found. If so, it would be a relief of the country. Trump’s daily deceptions have given this country ample reasons to be suspicious. That’s why there’s so much noise. News coverage doesn’t happen in a vacuum, speculation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Reporters don’t ask questions for no good reason. Let’s hope real research and real reporting can lead us out of this. The name Mueller has come to mean a lot of things.

Hopefully it means truth. And hopefully soon.

Not that Brain Stelter would recognize the truth if it sneaked up on him and bit him on his fat ass but that’s why he works for CNN.

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Stelter may have been rattled a bit by an epic article by liberal writer Matt Taibbi that was a fiery damnation of the fake news industry over the Russian conspiracy hoax that the author compared to the hysteria over Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction that served as the basis for the media’s case to lie the country into war.