Threatening the life of the president of the United States is kind of a big deal.

However, that didn’t stop a 42-year-old deranged man from doing just that – and ALSO threatening to blow up the Pentagon.

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This is what Trump derangement syndrome looks like. And it’s bad.

From Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, Interstate 68 in West Virginia was shut down for roughly four hours as threats were allegedly made to murder President Donald Trump and to blow up the Pentagon, according to WCHS TV. West Virginia State Police stated that a 42-year-old male was detained for questioning when police found a firearm and explosive powder in his vehicle.

A 42-year-old male has been detained for questioning after a search of the vehicle revealed a fiream and explosive powder, State Police said.

State Police, the FBI and Secret Service are continuing to investigate.

As long as Congressional Democrats and Hollywood elitists claim Trump is the devil or Hitler or what have you, the uninformed will continue with their radical shenanigans.

And what happens if Trump was killed? Will Dems be happy with Mike Pence as president?

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Survey says…NOPE!

The bottom line is that 45 is getting things done for the American people and not he, nor anybody, should have to deal with this kind of BS.

Did Obama go through this? No.

Why can’t Trump command the same respect? Because the MSM won’t allow it.

And we’ve come full circle.

Stay tuned for more information…

Democrats love to claim that former Vice President Dick Cheney called the shots during George W. Bush’s presidency.

The recent Christian Bale film “Vice” didn’t exactly help matters.

What’s wild is that Cheney nearly became president, back in 2005.

Apparently, 43 was almost assassinated by a grenade attack during his second term.

Here’s the scoop…

From Newsmax:

An attack on former President George W. Bush in 2005 that was brushed off at the time could have caused serious injuries to the then-president, the Washington Examiner reports.

Jared Cohen’s “Accidental Presidents,” which comes out April 9, details an incident in May, 2005, when a Georgian man threw a grenade at Bush during a trip to Tbilisi, Georgia. The grenade, which was live, ended up bouncing off someone and landing more than 60 feet away from Bush, and was so tightly wrapped in a handkerchief that it failed to go off.

Cheney noted, “I gather it was pretty serious, but I actually didn’t know and I don’t think the president knew until we were back in the car.

How scary is that?

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Whether you loved Bush or not, Democrat or Republican, a proud American would never cheer the near assassination of the commander-in-chief.

At least, one would hope.

Republican presidents are perceived as ignorant know-nothings, yet are the only ones who implement lasting change for the good of the country.

Enough is enough.