Source: Jim Hoft

Chicago is making a mockery of the US Judicial System.
Just when you thought this case could not get any stranger.

Chicago police are now barred from releasing additional information on the Jussie Smollett case to the press.

This comes after the Chicago State’s Attorney’s Office, under the authority of Kim Foxx, unilaterally decided on Tuesday to drop ALL charges against hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett.

Despite the evidence against Jussie Smollett the Cook County State’s Attorney dropped ALL 16 CHARGES against the well-connected Hollywood celebrity.

Foxx did not contact the Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office or the Chicago police department before she announced her decision to let a famous celebrity hoaxer off scot-free.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel told reporters this was a “whitewash of justice.”

The Chicago police dedicated 2 detectives and spent tens of thousands of dollars on the Smollett case.

And former State’s Attorney Randy Barnett says someone VERY IMPORTANT was about to be implicated and that is why the case was closed and erased.

And now Chicago police can no longer release additional records on the Smollett case?
This is complete lawlessness!