(CNSNews.com) – Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not connect President Donald Trump to any crimes, “whatever that means,” said MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on Wednesday morning.

Then Scarborough and his “Morning Joe” wife/co-host Mika Brzezinski took the case for collusion “from the legal…straight to the political,” citing it as a reason why Trump should not be re-elected.

While Scarborough laid out the “political” collusion case, based on a tweet from a foreign policy analyst, Brzezinski accused Trump of treating his former friends — some of them now convicted felons — like “garbage.”


Here’s an excerpt from “Morning Joe,” the anti-Trump cable show that did so much to promote Trump-Russia collusion/conspiracy before the Mueller report came out:

Scarborough began this morning’s diatribe:

We understand Robert Mueller has said there is no collusion with the Russian government. Whatever that means. Because, of course, you had William Barr tighten it up as much as he could to talk about the Russian government. We don’t know what’s going to end up being in the Mueller report.

But, Mika, I have a question for you. And if you could put up the David Rothkopf tweet up again.

And again, this is not about — just a poor country lawyer. So I’m not talking the legal side of this. I’m saying, be that as it may, even if we end up reading the report and finding out that this wasn’t even a close call on conspiracy, I’m wondering, Mika, what voters in Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Ohio and Florida are going to want a president who (quoting Rothkopf) “publicly welcomed the support of an enemy, one with whom he had hidden financial ties, and then that enemy worked to help him get elected during the 2016 campaign, and then Donald Trump rewarded our enemy with a defense of their attacks on our democracy, by saying that he trusted an ex-KGB agent more than he trust the FBI director or his own homeland security secretary, and then he rewarded them with policy benefits no American president had ever offered before.”

Now, I’m not going over…old news. This is not about the Mueller report. This is just about what we know to be true, and when people are running around a TV saying, ‘he was vindicated, there was nothing there,’ forget the fact that Donald Trump and everybody around him lied about their support of Russia, their connections with Russia — I’m just saying, we’re taking it from the legal now just straight to the political.

I mean, how many people in swing states are going to look at those facts, which are not in dispute, and go, oh, yes, that’s who I want as my commander in chief, somebody that, you know, provides aid and comfort to the enemy politically?

Brzezinski picked up the beat:

So I can add to that. I mean, you can see — it will be fascinating to see what the report shows, if we’re allowed to see it all. My concern is that national security concerns could be stretched to cover up a lot of what’s is in this report. I hope all of it is seen for everybody.

But all along the way, while all of this was happening, and while you can read along to everything that David Rothkopf tweeted about and see it happening in real time right in front of our eyes, Donald Trump had his close allies, people who worked with him every step of the way in the campaign, who came with him to the White House, Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort being at the very top of that, his national security adviser, a guy who flew around with him everywhere and apparently was his like emotional teddy bear, to talk to him in between events to keep him busy; and Paul Manafort, the guy who headed his campaign, in jail, going to jail, in jail!

And guess what, look at the president. Not one line of defense for these guys. Throws them under the bus, close friends, family friends, people he lived and traveled with, stayed at Mar-a-Lago with, throws people under the bus as if they are garbage — could give a damn about them.

Is that someone you want in the White House? Somebody with no empathy? Somebody with no sense of duty or loyalty? Somebody who doesn’t take a loyalty oath back as a human being? Who does he hire, by the way, criminals? That’s what people have to think about when they’re wondering whether or not to re-elect this president.

For the record, at least one Republican senator said he believes that Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, should receive a presidential pardon.

Appearing with Fox News’s Neil Cavuto on Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was asked if President Trump should pardon anyone convicted as a result of the Mueller probe:

“The one that I have the strongest feeling about is General Flynn, Paul said, “because I think no American should be prosecuted for something they said in a private phone call, unless a judge gave a warrant to the government and said they can listen to the phone call,” Paul said.

“They listened to General Flynn because they were spying on the Russian ambassador, OK? That’s foreign intelligence. But that shouldn’t be domestic prosecution. So what they did to Flynn…not only was unfair, but I think should be unconstitutional.

“And I have been bugging the president for years to come forward and fix this for all Americans, and say that no foreign intelligence gathering of information could ever be used against an American citizen in court for a crime unrelated to terrorism,” Paul said.