In what appears to be a disgusting and horrifying double standard, a Christian lawmaker in Pennsylvania is being condemned as a racist Islamophobe for simply praying her faith in the State Assembly.


Under the guise of politically correct ‘tolerance,’ Christians are being persecuted and condemned in the United States.

Think this is an overreaction? It’s not.

The uproar and condemnation spewing out of Pennsylvania today is scary.

All because a Christian lawmaker chose to open the state’s assembly with a prayer that featured the name of Jesus and quoted scripture.

The reason for the uproar is the fact that the state has a new Muslim representative, who called the prayer ‘offensive,’ and Islamophobic.

Newly elected Muslim state Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell claimed bigotry and hatred, and other democrats and even Christians have joined in the social lynch mob.

Stephanie Borowicz prayed this to open a legislative session, “Jesus, you are our only hope. At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus, that you are Lord.”

Johnson-Harrell was livid, saying the prayer was “highly offensive to me, my guests, and other members of the House.” In a statement, she added that the prayer “blatantly represented the Islamophobia that exists among some leaders — leaders that are supposed to represent the people. I came to the Capitol to help build bipartisanship and collaborations regardless of race or religion to enhance the quality of life for everyone in the Commonwealth.”

But what about Imams who have been granted the same privilege?

They use the same Koran quotes while non-Muslims silently accept it.

Front Page Magazine reported:

This illustrates how absurd charges of “Islamophobia” are, and how any manifestation of faith other than Islam is sometimes seen as offensive to Muslims. We have seen this before.

Buried in the concluding paragraphs of a Christmas Eve 2018 Washington Times report about Muslims in Uganda forcing Christians to convert to Islam was the extraordinary revelation that in that country, Muslims now consider any public statement of the Christian Faith to be a calculated insult to Muslims, for which they can justifiably exact revenge.

“In June,” the Times reported, “a group of Muslims attacked Christian preachers in eastern Uganda during a ‘crusade,’ where Christians publicly profess their faith and invite others to join. Muslims in the town accused the Christians of mocking Islam by publicly saying Jesus was the Son of God.”

In response, said Christian pastor Moses Saku, the Muslims became violent: “They became very angry and began throwing rocks at Christians, chanting ‘Allah akbar.’ Many Christians were injured during the incident.”

The Christians appealed to the Muslims to have respect for those of other faith; the Muslims responded with contempt. One Muslim, Abubakar Yusuf, declared: “We have now declared a jihad against them. We are not going to allow anybody to despise Islamic teachings at their church or crusade. We will seek revenge.”

How did the Christians “despise Islamic teachings”?

By preaching aspects of Christianity, such as the divinity of Christ, that Islam denies. The Christians, knowing how delicate their situation was, would never have dreamed of actually saying something critical about Islam itself; but to the Muslims who heard them, just enunciating the tenets of their Christian faith was criticism enough. And they refused to stand for it.

That incident, and now Johnson-Harrell’s “Islamophobia” charge, are, or should be, sobering news for the comfortable Christians of the West who have made an idol out of “interfaith dialogue” and fastidiously avoid saying anything remotely critical about Islam, even as the Muslim persecution of Christians continues worldwide.

By calling Borowicz’s prayer “Islamophobic,” Movita Johnson-Harrell is really saying that the public expression of the Christian Faith mocks Islam and despises Islamic teachings.

And, there a specific reason for saying this.

The goal is to remove all vestige of Christianity from the U.S. with no public professions of faith, unless that faith is to the God of the Muslims.

And, democrats are helping.

The Penn Capitol Star reported:

The prayer drew immediate outrage from House Democrats and was denounced as Islamophobic by the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights group.

Rep. Margo Davidson, D-Delaware, yelled “objection” near the end of Borowicz’s prayer. House Speaker Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, did not acknowledge the objection but touched Borowicz on the arm. She hastily concluded the prayer.

“As an evangelical Christian, I was offended by [the prayer’s] lack of humility or care or, dare I say, love for a human being duly elected by [her] district,” Davidson said in a statement via text message. “It was mean spirited.”


House Minority Whip Jordan Harris said, “What we do not need is to see prayer and religion twisted to intimidate, discourage or subtly degrade any Pennsylvanian, especially one sent by her constituents to represent them in Harrisburg.”

“I’m confident this issue will be dealt with appropriately and our opening prayer will be returned to an inclusive invocation allowing us to respect each other and our differing beliefs.”

This is also wrong. This lawmaker should be able to express her opinions and views without being censored.

The outlet continued:

Erik Love, a professor at Dickinson College in Carlisle, said the prayer reinforced the primacy of white Christianity in American public life and politics.

“The idea behind Islamophobia is that the U.S. or Pennsylvania is properly a white and Christian place,” Love said. “Christians are first-class citizens, and then Muslims are at best second-class citizens or are unwelcome.”

“It doesn’t explicitly say [Pennsylvania] is a Christian commonwealth, but the implication is quite clear,” Love added. “[Johnson-Harrell] is correct to say it was divisive and offensive.”

The regional leader of America’s largest Muslim civil rights group agreed.

“This was a mean-spirited, Islamophobic, anti-semitic, and xenophobic benediction which should have never been delivered in the statehouse,” said Jacob Bender, executive director of the Philadelphia chapter of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

So now, it looks like Muslims—the new protected class of citizen—should never be allowed to be offended by the Christian faith.

If someone prays in the name of Jesus, it’s bordering a hate crime?

God help your children in America.

Borowicz has not apologized and has no intention of doing so. Americans will have to see if she continues to stand for Christ, or is forced to bow to the God of political correctness.