Source: Hank Berrien

In a typical display of CNN’s incredible bias against President Trump, one CNN correspondent interviewed eight supposed independent voters and colored her questions in such a way that she disparaged Trump without even a pretense of objectivity. Randi Kaye interviewed eight voters from Pennsylvania, a key swing state, and her snide attitude was something to behold.

Kaye began with an innocent question: “In the wake of Attorney General Barr’s letter to Congress and what we’ve learned about the Mueller investigation, is there anyone here who feels more or less supportive of Donald Trump?

One man answered, “I feel more supportive. I think it was an exhaustive investigation.” A woman replied, “I think it was a sham from the beginning.”

That was the last time in the clip shown by CNN that a voter leaning toward Trump was allowed to speak at any length in the clip.

A voter who opposed Trump before the Mueller investigation snapped, “My mind hasn’t changed one iota. I had a pretty firm opinion of him and I didn’t need their help.”

Kaye asked if the Mueller investigation would impact the panel’s vote in 2020. The answer was uniformly negative.

Kaye tested the waters to see which way the voters leaned, asking how many of them gave credit to Trump for the strong economy; only three answered yes.

Kaye, eschewing even a patina of objectivity, asked patronizingly, “Despite everything the president has been criticized for, his lies, now further investigations with the Southern District of New York, the government shutdown, we could go on and on, despite all of that, could you still vote for him if the economy is strong?”

The three Trump supporters answered yes, but the clip then ignored them as Kaye turned to one young woman who answered “Absolutely not,” and asked her, “You say, ‘Absolutely not.’ Why not?”

The woman answered, “It’s not specifically him; it’s not specifically those investigations; it’s not specifically that, it’s just like every tiny little piece like, of the open, like, I want to say racist or bigotry, the openness of that, for me, of course that’s number one.”

Kaye kept diminishing Trump’s economy, turning to a voter who was not one of the Trump supporters, sniping, “You look at what’s important: the ‘pocketbook issues’, you know, ‘the stock market is booming,’ ‘unemployment is at historic lows,’ ‘the economy is strong,’ they say; that still wouldn’t change your mind?”

The woman answered, “It’s a trend that has been going on before Trump came into office, and he’s continued it. So I think it’s continuing to do well somewhat in spite of Donald Trump.”

The screen shows Kaye nodding along in agreement. The woman continued, “I have voted for a Republican for forty-plus years and I could not vote for him.”

Another woman states, “You know, if Donald Trump isn’t president two years from now, I don’t think the economy’s going to fall apart at the seams.”

The man who had said his mind hadn’t changed one iota got in another slam: “If the economy happens to be really strong at the end of his term I’ll be real happy about it, but I’m not going to give Donald Trump all the credit.”

Video below: